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How it all began

A privately-funded research team began conducting chemical research in 2005 via laboratory tests and computer modeling seeking to find a fully renewable pathway to aviation fuels. In 2008, a binary fuel called 100SF, to be made from renewable/biomass components, was found to have many desirable piston-engine performance properties that could possibly be used to replace tetraethyllead in aviation gasoline. By 2011, Swift had joined ASTM International and published initial research on the renewable test fuel. In March 2012, the prior business owners sold their assets and intellectual property to a newly formed company called Swift Fuels, LLC.

Collaborations were opened with Purdue University and a team of independent experts to further the science of the fuels in several critical areas. The new company took proactive steps to re-test the formulations and ultimately reengineered the critical aspects of the technical platform to become petroleum-based (i.e. more commercially viable) and developed new fuel formulations to address a more holistic fleetwide fuel solution. In November 2013, Swift’s fuel task force received unanimous approval from ASTM International for the first high-octane UNLEADED aviation gasoline production specification in the world. Swift continues to demonstrate its leadership in the aviation gasoline marketplace with our high-octane aviation gasoline in the final phase of the co-led FAA/Industry team called the Piston Aviation Fuel Initiative, or PAFI – charged by Congress to evaluate the fuel candidates for replacing tetraethyllead in 100LL aviation gasoline. The PAFI program is expected to finalize its evaluation and testing program for US piston-engine fleetwide approval by the end of 2018.