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PRESS RELEASE - Swift Fuels’ Unleaded Avgas Certification

Posted on August 29th, 2018

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN (August 29, 2018) - Swift Fuels announced today that it has suspended its work activities in the Phase-II Piston Alternative Fuels Initiative (PAFI). The company has transitioned to a high-octane unleaded avgas replacement which is not part of the current PAFI program. Instead the company is working privately with FAA and OEM’s utilizing an alternative pathway for FAA certification status which is already in progress. Engine and flight testing of their new unleaded fuel has been on-going for the past months across the US – during a period when PAFI testing had been delayed.

CEO Chris D’Acosta says the company “wants to maintain the momentum that we’ve started. We’re hopeful our new fuel will be accepted by pilots as the ‘best’ fleetwide unleaded avgas alternative to replace 100LL. All our unleaded fuels are premium quality, reliable, intermixable for transition, and low toxicity - with no plug fouling or oil contamination – resulting in longer engine life and lower operating costs. At Swift Fuels, we expect all our high-octane unleaded fuels to be priced commercially competitive with 100LL.”

Swift Fuels is the only company producing an unleaded avgas in the US – their UL94 unleaded avgas currently serves 110,000 aircraft in the US piston fleet with a ‘drop-in ready’ alternative.
For more information about UL94 and the latest listing of airports with Swift Fuels' UL94 available, please visit:

About Swift Fuels

Since 2012, Swift Fuels has become a global leader in the advancement of high-performance unleaded aviation fuels. This includes the commercial deployment of UL94 - a 94 motor octane aviation gasoline that meets ASTM D7547 for lower octane aircraft. Our company’s focus now includes advancing efforts to finalize the FAA’s certification of our high-octane fuels for use in all airplanes currently fueled by 100LL. Swift Fuels looks forward to a day when toxic lead will be permanently removed from fueling piston-engine aircraft through the roll-out of our high-performance unleaded aviation gasolines. For more information, visit
Contact for Swift Fuels:
Chris D’Acosta
(765) 237-3195

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