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Introducing Rob Broin and Swift Fuels LLC

Posted on June 4th, 2012

RMB Energy, led by Rob Broin, and Swift Development Renewable Fuels (SDRF), announce the formation of Swift Fuels LLC, a new entity created to pursue the development of 100SF, an unleaded aviation gasoline under UL102 specification and SwiftJet renewable jet fuel.

The new company will be responsible for maintaining the momentum SDRF initiated in their efforts to develop a market for these new fuels. This includes the advanced efforts to finalize certification of 100SF by ASTM International and the FAA for use in all airplanes currently fueled by 100LL. Swift Fuels looks forward to a day very soon when lead will be permanently removed from aviation fuels through the roll-out of Swift’s environmentally friendly, high-performance alternative, 100SF. Swift Fuels is also pursuing the immediate production of Swift 100SF for testing and commercial use.

Rob Broin comes to Swift Fuels after a highly successful career in the renewable and alternative fuels industries. Mr. Broin started exploring alternative fuels technology in the 1980’s on his family’s farm in Southeast Minnesota. After Rob designed, constructed, and operated the first ever successful and sustainable farm-scale fuel ethanol plant, the Broin Companies was started in 1987 with the purchase of a previously failed ethanol plant in Scotland, South Dakota.

Rob’s innovation and technical leadership helped to make the Scotland plant a success at a time when nearly every other dry-mill ethanol plant in the nation had succumbed to technical failure. Rob and his team would continue to innovate and create new methods, processes, equipment, and technology in the years to come that continued to set the gold-standard for the booming dry-mill ethanol industry.

Starting in 1989 Rob, as president of newly formed Broin and Associates, led the design, construction, and startup of 26 ethanol plants, starting with a 4 million gallon per year plant in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and proceeding through six 10 to 18 million gallon per year plants in Minnesota plus two more in Missouri.

Rob broke new ground for the dry mill industry in 1999 when he and his team designed a 40 million gallon green field plant in Wentworth, South Dakota - by far the largest dry mill plant that had been built in over 20 years. The plant incorporated many new designs and efficiencies that were made possible by the implementation of new processes and technology developed by Broin and Associates R&D and engineering groups. Following that success Broin and Associates went on to design and construct 16 new 40 to 100 million gallons per year plants in the next seven years, implementing many additional new processes and technologies along the way. Broin and Associates provided a complete develop- design-permit-construct-training-and-startup package for each of these plants.

The Broin Family also became active in ethanol plant management and marketing of ethanol and its byproducts, Distillers Grains and carbon dioxide. By the end of 2006 Rob’s team had constructed 26 plants, Broin Companies was managing and marketing for 21 of those plants in seven states across the Midwest, and Broin surpassed ADM to become the largest ethanol producer in the United States.

Rob’s leadership and innovation in plant design and in continuous, reliable, and efficient operation were instrumental in establishing the viability and profitability that is apparent in today’s fuel ethanol industry. There were several years in the 1990’s that almost no plants could get funded or financed except Broin plants. While most competitor plants failed or floundered every plant that Rob and his team designed and constructed had a successful startup, a profitable first year, and is still operating as a successful business under original ownership in 2012.

Broin and Associates excellence in plant design, construction, control, and operation, as well as Broin family leadership in management, marketing, and finance for the industry was largely responsible for the growth and success of ethanol over the last two decades and was instrumental in sparking the ethanol boom of the mid 2000’s. In addition, the innovation and push for efficiency attributable to Rob Broin’s leadership brought the industry to its current status as the low-cost provider of automotive fuel.

In December of 2006 Rob sold his interest in Broin Companies (which since has been renamed POET) and initiated a diverse investment strategy that included significant real estate and business holdings. Through Otoka Energy, a new entity formed by Rob and a partner in 2008 he continued his pursuit of alternative energy technologies. In 2012 Otoka completed construction of a commercially successful 18 megawatt, wood-fired electricity generation plant in central California.

In 2010 Rob and his wife Miriam consolidated their various business and investment activities under a new management umbrella called RMB Associates, LLC. Through RMB Associates and its staff, Rob actively manages his real estate development, energy, and business investments. Rob looks forward to taking an active role in the advancement of Swift fuel for av-gas and jet fuel, and in the success of Swift Fuels, LLC.


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