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Renewable Jet Fuel

Swift Fuels has developed a renewable jet fuel, called SwiftJet, based on the same technology as our unleaded aviation gasoline.  The same component that forms a large portion of our 100SF avgas can be used as a balanced blendstock component with other alternative jet fuels to form a fuel that does not need to be blended with petroleum-based Jet A fuel to meet the required fuel specification parameters.  In other words, we have developed a 100% renewable, sustainable, ‘drop-in’ turbine fuel that meets or exceeds all performance parameters laid out in ASTM D1655 Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels, which is the current standard for jet fuel.

SwiftJet is one of four fuels selected globally to be tested in the FAA CLEEN (Continuous Lower Emissions, Energy, and Noise) Program.  Results have been described as very promising.