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Rob Broin



1987-2007 Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Broin Companies (which is now a part of POET, LLC)

  • Broin Companies started as a single family-owned fuel ethanol plant and, during Rob's tenure, constructed additional facilities and subsequently operated them to an eventual capacity of over one billion gallons of ethanol per year.  Rob led the design and construction of 25 ethanol plants, and oversaw the technical operations for many of them.  This group of plants became the largest and most efficient corn-dry-mill ethanol production group in the world. 
  • Rob broke new ground for the dry mill industry in 1999 when he and his team designed a 40 million gallon green field plant in Wentworth, South Dakota - by far the largest dry mill plant that had been built in over 20 years.  The plant incorporated many new designs and efficiencies that were made possible by the implementation of new processes and technology developed by Broin and Associates R&D and engineering groups and that are considered to be the gold standard in today's dry mill ethanol industry. 

2008-present Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Otoka Energy

  • Otoka is in the biomass electrical power business, with projects in California and Alberta, Canada.


  • Agricultural Science, University of Minnesota - Waseca