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How it all began

In March 2012, Swift Fuels, LLC, was formed to conduct research on, and then commercialize, high-octane unleaded aviation gasolines to replace 100LL (leaded) avgas. Our focus was targeted at low-toxicity compounds able to achieve high-octane performance in aircraft piston engines.

Shortly after our start-up, collaborations were opened with Purdue University and a team of independent experts to further the science of the fuels in several critical areas. The new company took proactive steps to test a wide range of formulations and ultimately engineered unique processes to increase octane that are petroleum-based (i.e., commercially viable) and developed new aviation gasoline formulations to address a more holistic fleetwide fuel solution. In November 2013, Swift’s fuel task force received unanimous approval from ASTM International for the first high-octane UNLEADED aviation gasoline production specification in the world.

Swift continues to demonstrate its leadership in the aviation gasoline marketplace with our high-octane aviation gasolines; we are continuing to conduct engine and flight testing across the nation to advance the efforts required for FAA certification of our fuels.